Sedona Food Dehydrator: A Smart Dehydrator For You

Sedona Food DehydratorAlmost all of us around, with rare exceptions, love having dried fruits. Is it not? And why should not we? They taste great; they could be added as toppings to muffins, cakes, ice creams or cereal. Also, they are practically free from saturated fats, cholesterol, have low sodium content and they are a significant source of dietary fiber and potassium. Gift yourself everyday a serving of dehydrated fruits if you DO NOT wish to compromise with health. Preserve your favorite fruits with a quality dehydrating machine like the Sedona Food Dehydrator.

Dehydrates More Food, Uses Less Electricity

You can make more of your favorite jerky, fruit chips and other dry foodstuffs at minimal time with this product. It features 9 open trays, 9 mesh trays and 1 closed tray so that you can put more fruits on it and thereby produce more of those yummy foods without operating it a number of times. The product also includes 2 digitally controlled fans which let you to dry 4, 5 or all 9 trays at a time, as per your choice. In other words, the dual fans could be used together if you are operating it at full capacity, or any of the fans could be used if it is operated in half capacity. Each the fans of this energy efficient food dehydrator work at 300 watts.  Hence you would never feel a pinch in the pocket while you pay the electricity bills.

Makes No Negotiation In Its Performance

The product has been designed such that it dispenses heated air on the drying foods with more uniformity than any of the cheap food dehydrators available. So remain sure of the fact that every time you load it with your favorite fruits, you get crispy, crunchy yields. The fans could further be set to day or night modes if the users wish to enjoy an extremely quite operation at any point of the day. Unlike most of the so-called digital food dehydrators which only offers digital timers, this product comes with an exclusive digital control panel. It works automatically and accurately to control the mode your food is dehydrated. All these make this dehydrator extremely versatile.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Its heating compartment could be divided into two drying chambers.  This is done by the means of the aforesaid dual fan technology.
  • The product boasts of being the first dehydrator to present a total of 600 watts consumption by means of two sets of 300-watt fans, two heating coils, and two heat sensors. The entire system is controlled digitally.
  • The digital temperature display panel shows the preferred temperature both in Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C) degrees.
  • The night mode system helps to minimize the speed of the fans. Hence, it does not produce much sound if it is operated in the nighttime.
  • Energy efficient.
  • The glass window helps the user to check the entire food dehydration process even without shutting it off midway.
  • The multiple air-vents help in an efficient and uniform circulation of heated air.
  • Users can adjust the digital timer up to 99 hours. Otherwise, they could also set it to continuous mode which would allow for a nonstop operation of 150 hours.
  • The product comes with 9 open trays, 9 mesh screen trays and 1 closed tray which could be used together or individually.
  • The trays of the dehydrator are manufactured of BPA free plastic. The clear plastic trays stand in sharp contrast to most of the other dehydrating trays available, as most of them are painted with harmful dyes so that no food stains could be seen on them.
  • The compact design of the product makes it possible for the users to keep it even on the kitchen counter.

Customers’ Opinion

Most of the customers of this dehydrator opine that the machine works like a wonder. Each of the specified features works satisfactorily, and hence least complaints have been lodged against its performance. However, the buyers feel that the product could come cheaper and that it could have longer warranty period. The customers have given the product an overall rating of 4 out 5 stars at If you feel that this food dehydrator is a good buy for your kitchen, why don’t you check for further specifications on the product and learn more about what the buyers have said about it?